Summer is here! 

But things have changed since the pandemic. For most of us, we spent a lot of time doing virtual activities due to lockdown – including the kids. 

The good news is that this summer is a lot safer compared to the previous years. 

That said, joining a summer camp is more exciting for kids! Here are 5 reasons why you should let your kids join summer camp:

1. Great way for a digital break

During the pandemic, most of the kids are not able to attend face-to-face classes. Instead, they are glued to their screens just to learn new things. Now that we are able to get out, our kids need to be distracted from social media, online games, and anything else that is digital. 

In summer camp, expect that they will be out in the real world exploring under the sun while making new friends!

2. Great way to gain new friends their age

Speaking of new friends, summer camp is filled with kids of all ages who come from all sorts of backgrounds. It’s the perfect place for your kids to know and learn about different people with different cultures. 

Maybe they will meet their best friends there! 

3. Great way to make memories

In this digital age, sometimes we are tempted to just stay at home and talk to people and explore places using gadgets. How can we build a memorable experience with that?

With summer camps, your kids will be exposed to various activities. They will remember the fun, laughter and of course new friends. And these memories will stay with them forever. 

4. Great way to improve skills and confidence

One awesome thing about summer camp is that it’s a place where your kids need to make their own decisions. This process builds confidence and self-esteem. Meeting new people is also another way to build confidence. 

Moreover, summer camps can be an avenue for your kids to discover new interests and hobbies, some of which may surprise you. 

5. Great way to have time for yourself

Of course, kids aren’t only the ones who can benefit from summer camps – parents too! While the kids are at the camp, you can also find some time for yourself and enjoy the summer. It’s also the perfect option for someone who works. 

Join Resolute’s Ultimate Summer Camp!

Summer camps come in different types. With Resolute’s summer camp in Destin, your kids will have jampacked fun with activities that we carefully plan. 

Why Resolute’s summer camp?

Each week, we have different themes. That said, every summer camp provides a unique experience for your kids. It is going to be a day camp, and the summer camp will be held inside the Resolute Martial Arts. However, every week we also go on field trips, have guest appearances, plus we teach martial arts as well! 

Moreover, Resolute’s Ultimate summer camp has been the best summer camp in Destin for almost a decade. Our staff is professionally trained, and safety is our top priority. 

If you are interested in our Summer Camp, contact us right away and our team will answer your questions.

For registrations, you can sign up here.