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A brand new year is always exciting! We are filled with anticipation, we resolve to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true. Given that this is a fantastic time to reflect, visualize and plan, here are 100 tips to be the best possible version of you in 2016!

1. As long as you are breathing, you are capable of changing and growing.
2. Accept responsibility for your own life.
3. Put yourself first.
4. Broaden your mind and stay current.
5. Don’t look back, keep moving forward.
6. Master the art of observation.
7. Learn from other people’s experiences.
8. Handle problems with calm and detachment.
9. Own the mistakes in which you were directly involved.
10. Reward yourself when a goal is accomplished.
11. Never say ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’.
12. Learn, assimilate, apply.
13. Eliminate people and things that distract you.
14. Read, read, and read some more.
15. Stay motivated and go for it.
16. Decide what you want — then do it.
17. Hang, work, collaborate and network with the best people you can find.
18. Make sure to have a balance — family, financial, professional, social, spiritual, recreational.
19. Keep your personal goals at the forefront of your mind.
20. Be resourceful, never timid.
21. Never fear failure. It is just another step leading you onward and upward.
22. Your state of mind is gold, protect it.
23. Be open to suggestions, feedback, challenges and guidance.
24. Leave your ego at the door.
25. Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.
26. Stay curious.
27. Associate with those you respect and admire.
28. Challenge yourself in new ways and all ways.
29. Do not under any circumstance fall prey to negativity — whether yours or that of others.
30. Remain flexible and adaptable.
31. Keep an idea file to help guide your course.
32. Get lots of sleep.
33. Engage in any activity that enhances your energy and vitality.
34. Be present — pay attention.
35. Help others, give of yourself.
36. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.
37. Be impeccable in thought, word and deed.
38. Extend kindness to all who cross your path.
39. Never hold a grudge, let it go.
40. Take control of your mind and emotions, if you don’t, they will control you.
41. Always make a good first impression; people will remember you for it.
42. Be mysterious and charismatic. Think James Bond.
43. Never tell. Always show. Never explicate. Always demonstrate.
44. What’s your life mantra? If you don’t know, create one.
45. Choose your social circle wisely.
46. Don’t burn bridges.
47. Raise your standards.
48. Have boundaries.
49. Be an initiator.
50. Honesty and integrity rule.
51. Love is all there is – be open to it, cultivate it and pay it forward.
52. Pain is temporary, perspective is everything.
53. Don’t take anything personally, ever.
54. Refine your mannerisms and speech.
55. Life isn’t fair, but you can still make it a good one.
56. Don’t buy things you don’t need.
57. Stay true to yourself
58. Don’t compare your life to others. You don’t know what destiny – for better or worse- has in store for them.
59. Always choose life.
60. Believe in magic, miracles, and serendipity.
61. Envy is a waste of time.
62. The best is yet to come.
63. Yield, surrender, flow.
64. Be different. Be unique. Be memorable.
65. Trust your gut, always.
66. Words are cheap, actions priceless.
67. You are not your possessions.
68. If something isn’t given freely – don’t take it.
69. In five years, it won’t matter.
70. Life is not complex – your thinking makes it so.
71. Avoid drama and don’t create any.
72. Don’t pursue success, but excellence.
73. Don’t steer the river. Let the river carry you.
74. Walk with those who want more and are doing more.
75. Spend time with those who are near and dear to you.
76. There’s no such thing as a quick fix.
77. Never compromise your self-worth for anyone or anything.
78. Your behavior reflects your mind.
79. The opinion you hold of yourself is all that matters.
80. Stop being so hard on yourself.
81. It takes more energy to resist than to accept something.
82. Re-evaluate your expectations.
83. Learn to relax more.
84. Accept that you cannot control everything.
85. Get rid of your wish bone and get a backbone.
86. Don’t be a short-term thinker.
87. Keep it real.
88. Treat yourself well.
89. Inhale, exhale, embrace, enjoy.
90. Avoid inferior minds.
91. Think alone.
92. Keep your dreams and plans to yourself.
93. Implement zero tolerance for nonsense.
94. You are stronger than you think.
95. Smile, it is the best accessory.
96. Don’t do things just for the outcome.
97. Walk with purpose.
98. Be assertive, never aggressive.
99. Don’t take things for granted.
100. Happiness is a choice.