Parents are constantly on the lookout for the best hobbies, activities, and sports for their children. We know parents who are interested in martial arts training for their children as young as three because it is more than just another activity or sport.

Begin your child’s journey to self-reliance and preparedness early with martial arts training. It is a necessary life skill that will arm them with the tools they need if ever put in a situation away from their parents or guardians. So, when is the ideal time for children to commence this invaluable learning?

The reality is that there’s no definitive answer for the best age to start martial arts. However, before enrolling your little one in a karate class, it is important to take certain factors into account. 

Every Child is Different 

Every child is unique and progresses at his or her own rate. While some may develop quickly, others may take a little longer, which is perfectly fine! Some children may express their interest in martial arts as early as three and others at ten.  

Always factor in your child’s capacity to comprehend why they are taking martial arts lessons and how it can be utilized. Make sure you make the best decision for them based on their individual abilities and strengths.

Martial Arts Training Instructor and Class 

Before enrolling your child in martial arts training, it is essential to meet with the instructor beforehand. This allows you to get familiarized with them and their teaching style.

Assess how they structure the class environment and pay attention to any disciplinary practices or expectations set by them during class time. Spending some time observing will prove beneficial for both yourself and your child when choosing a suitable program for learning martial arts.

Here at Resolute Martial Arts, we have highly qualified and world-class instructors who are great with children. We believe that every student should benefit from individualized instruction. That is why we keep a maximum 8:1 student-teacher ratio in each class, so everyone can get the attention they need to succeed.

We also ensure nobody ever sits on the sidelines and everybody takes part equally in all activities. To add further fun while learning, our classes are energizing and lively with plenty of exciting activities which will leave your child wanting more!

Open Communications 

While competition and success are important, your child’s happiness, safety, and overall well-being should be your top priorities. Open communication and constant recognition of progress are very important to children.

Talk to them about anything, even if it’s as simple as showing their classmates how to improve their punch and kick. Children need to be able to enjoy themselves while developing self-discipline, so don’t put too much pressure on them to succeed.  

Possible Injuries While Training 

Prior to enrollment, make sure to get your child’s physical exam done and discuss it with their pediatrician. Possible injuries that may occur due to inappropriate movement are parents’ greatest concern when their child is participating in martial arts training.

At Resolute Martial Arts, we consider our students to be a part of an extended family and prioritize their safety above all else. Our modern facility paired with decades worth of teaching knowledge ensures that each class is secure for every student.

Furthermore, many parents inquire about the best age at which they should enroll their child in a martial arts class; there are myriad advantages associated with these activities! Let’s discuss more about this below.

Starting at a Very Early Age Three to Seven 

Advantage: Learn balance, coordination, and discipline at an extremely early age. A great way for kids their age to engage in social activities while also being able to separate from their parents for short periods of time.

Disadvantage: Children at this age are easily bored, so look for martial arts programs that are play-based, as children under the age of eight learn primarily through play.

Starting at Age Eight to Twelve 

Advantage: At this age, children begin to appreciate rules and respond positively to more structure in the classroom. They are also more likely to really get into their martial arts class because they can understand the philosophy and values of martial arts in greater depth. They now recognize the need for competition and a way to push themselves further.

Disadvantage: The downside is that they can become distracted, especially as they progress through secondary school. Keeping adolescents actively engaged in classes, contests, and rewards is critical for cultivating their interest in martial arts at this stage.

Starting at Age Thirteen to Eighteen 

Advantage: Most kids who begin martial arts training at this age are motivated by their own curiosity and enthusiasm. They are discovering their own intrinsic desire to train, rather than relying solely on parental motivation. At this point, your teen will want to work hard and keep going to the gym, not just for themselves, but also for their friends.  

Disadvantage: Teenagers have mostly mastered gross motor control at this stage, but there are always developmental differences. Even if your teen does not have the best coordination, martial arts are still a beneficial activity for them to participate in. Through regular training and practice, they can improve their coordination and reap the full advantages of participating in this sport.

Starting as an Adult Nineteen and Above 

Advantage: Students who begin at a later age will still learn a great deal, and it may be one of the most worthwhile things they will ever do. Regular training improved their fitness, confidence, posture, and overall health, to name a few benefits. Martial arts do not discriminate against age, so you are never too old to learn.

Disadvantage: Most people believe that karate is only for a young individual. Due to a lack of flexibility, people tend to talk themselves out of martial arts when it is described as a lot of training and hard work.


Martial arts can benefit any child. The best age for a child to start martial arts training is always determined by the individual child, their personality, and their understanding of how to use their martial arts in real life. Regardless of when you decide to enroll your child in martial arts training, the benefits will always be worth it.

Whatever age you decide to begin martial arts training for your child, you will notice significant improvements in their gross motor skills, interpersonal skills, and comprehension skills. They will develop discipline, perseverance, and valuable self-defense skills.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a martial arts school or karate classes, get in touch with Resolute Martial Arts today! We will give you a sneak peek of what we have to offer and why our program is best for your child.